Good things with nice people – Hannah Jensen

We have long admired the work of Christchurch-based artist and carver Hannah Jensen. If you follow Hannah on Instagram @hannahjensenart you may have seen snippets of the incredible process behind each of her pieces. This usually involves applying layers of paint (anywhere between 25-75) to board followed by a delicate etching and carving process to create artwork with remarkable negative details, textures and shadows. We love that Hannah’s work is inspired by the natural world around her and a visit to Hannah’s website reveals her 17-year journey and exploration using this unique artwork technique.

Hannah also has a special connection to Hawke’s Bay as she was represented in her first gallery in Havelock North at age 19 (and currently has an amazing sketch of Te Mata in her available collection). And of course, Hannah shares a name and intrepid spirit as our very own founder Hannah… so everything was pointing in the direction of working with this talented artist.

We approached Hannah initially to create a bespoke label which then evolved into the commissioning of two bespoke “rounds” for our Taproom. Each round is a nod to two significant milestones for us – the launch of our new Rosé Cider with Berry Infusion and a celebration of our Crisp Apple Cider which was the first cider we made when we started our cidermaking journey more than a decade ago. We admire the thought that has gone into each round and the care in capturing the very aspects that are so important to us – real apples and ingredients, authenticity and true craftsmanship.We are so grateful to Hannah for sharing her craft and expertise to reflect ours.

Pop into our cidery Taproom to see these lovely rounds which now have pride of place on our matai panelled wall. Even better grab yourself a glass of Rosé Cider or Crisp Apple Cider and enjoy the view. We also have a very special promotion coming up shortly where you can win you very own custom Hannah Jensen round. Keep a look out on our Facebook and Instagram page.