Our Story

Our cider making journey began in 2008 with Sam and Hannah throwing in their day jobs with the (some said crazy) idea to craft real New Zealand cider from freshly crushed apples in a small shed in Matakana.

The first ever batch of Zeffer was sold at their local Farmers’ Market to rave reviews. It was so popular they began stocking a few local stores and soon the word spread far and wide about just how good their cider was. And so, the team grew a bit bigger, tanks grew a bit bigger and eventually we moved Zeffer to Hawke’s Bay – the home of sunshine and apples!

We’re proud of our small team and the calibre of cider we’re producing – real, all-natural cider crafted by a few friends from the best ingredients. We’ve experimented with flavours, won awards (including the World’s Best Cider in 2017) and shown the world just how good New Zealand cider can be.

Zeffer is now pouring in all corners of the globe and every drop begins its journey at our cidery.