Three Delicious Ciders

Zeffer Dry Apple Cider

Dry Apple Cider

Keeping it honest

Our apple cider is made from a carefully selected blend of apples that when combined give a fantastic depth of flavour.  Dry in style this cider has a crisp, balanced acidity and a cleansing finish.

  • See

    Bright golden straw.

  • Smell

    Clean, green apple aromas.

  • Taste

    Crisp, green apple tang, with a balanced dry finish.

  • Dryness

    Dry Apple Cider Dryness
  • Tannin

    Dry Apple Cider Tannin
  • Try it with

    Steamed mussels.


5.0% ABV Dry Apple Cider Bottle Dry Apple Cider Pack
Zeffer Fragrant Pear Cider

Fragrant Pear Cider


Zeffer Pear cider has a delicious juicy flavour and low acidity gives it a soft, textural mouth-feel. It has a hint of natural sweetness while still having Zeffer’s trademark dry finish.

  • See

    Clear with a light peach colour.

  • Smell

    Stonefruit aromas, apricot, nectarine.

  • Taste

    Juicy pear and nectarine, balanced dry flavours.

  • Dryness

    Fragrant Pear Cider Dryness
  • Tannin

    Fragrant Pear Cider Tannin
  • Try it with

    Roasted pork belly.


5.0% ABV Fragrant Pear Cider Bottle Fragrant Pear Cider Pack
Zeffer Slack Ma Girdle Cider

Slack Ma Girdle

It's our heritage

This premium cider is made from a combination of over 50 different cider apple varieties. A full bodied flavour with good length and balance. Released annually with a limited supply - it’s worth the wait.

  • See

    Deep golden.

  • Smell

    Ripe apple and tropical fruit.

  • Taste

    Tropical fruits, nutty, spice, full bodied, balanced.

  • Dryness

    Slack Ma Girdle Dryness
  • Tannin

    Slack Ma Girdle Tannin
  • Try it with

    Aged cheddar.


6.6% ABV Slack Ma Girdle Bottle

The Zeffer Story

If you like your cider low on sugar and made from real fruit then look north to the Zeffer cidery.  Founded in Matakana in 2009 our team are passionate about using New Zealand's abundance of top quality fruit to create premium hand-crafted cider.

Cider has changed our lives – its more to us than just an excellent drop, it's our passion and our lifestyle.  We love what we do and we are thrilled to share it with you.

The Cidery

Sam, Hannah, Josh & Greg


Years of winemaking expertise and a finely tuned palate give Sam (our cidermaker) knowledge, craft and attention to detail.


Hannah is Zeffer’s chief apple-hunter, scouring the country to find New Zealand’s best fruit. She’s in charge of keeping the Zeffer cellar full of stock ready to hit the shelves.


You’ll find Josh with his phone glued to his ear organising the next Zeffer event. He's responsible for bringing Zeffer to your local so if you can’t find it in-store, give him a call.


Not your typical bean counter, more like the apple counter. Greg adds the numbers to ensure you get your Zeffer cider at the best possible price.

Made with love & craft

Made with love and craft

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